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Improving the HEART of your company for a HEALTHIER future.
Business Manager, Bookkeeper & Notary

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Hello! I'm Angi. People often ask me how and why I got into this. Well, it all started when I was in High School with a class called "Office Simulations" and working in the school library. I also excelled in the tech courses and math. With these, my story began.


My passion for helping others steered the rest of my choices.  Yeah, sure, I could have been a social worker or a therapist - but, I wouldn't get to experience your great businesses! I wouldn't be exposed to all the new possibilities. How could I possibly give up all these great opportunities?

I have always been the one others came to with "Ange, can you do...", "Ange, can you help with....", yeah, on a daily basis. So I got to thinking....why was I helping just the one company I was employed when I could do it for everyone? And thus, LIOS was born!


Here when you need me!

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